Radio Box (Part 2)

Some quick updates on the Radio Box project.

1. Mounted the Rig Runner (Image 2)

  • I'm only using zip ties at the moment, but I like the position and it makes sense to just continue using them.

2. Mounted a 110v inverter on the side of the box. (Image 1)
  • 250 w
  • 12v in
  • Outputs:
    • 5v (USB)
    • 110v AC
    • 12v (direct pass through)
  • Also provides a small light

3. Cut a hole in back wall to the right of the radio shelf. (Image 3)

  • Allows for a RJ-45 connector and speaker cable to connect to the radio when the radio is inside the case.

4. Mounted a speaker. (Image 1)
  • Cable is run to the cutout in Image 3. 
  • When the radio is on the shelf, the internal speaker is covered. Audio is a bit clearer with the second speaker.

5. Connected a multi-meter to the Rig Runner (Image 1)
  • Created a dedicated cable to go from banana plug to powerpole 

6. Added various zip ties throughout to clean up some cables.

7. Created a power cable for the TNC-X

  • Used with a USB to serial converter because the FTDI chip on the TNC-X has been acting silly.
  • Coax power connector is Radio Shack type L (I believe)

8. Mounted an RJ-45 connector to the front of the box (Image 1)

  • When the radio is on the shelf, the mic connector is covered by the box.
  • The cable connected to this connector is run to the hole in Image 3.

Image 1 - Outside the box

Image 2 - Inside the box

Image 3 - Right side of the box.
Cut out for the RJ-45 speaker cable.

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