Setting up Xastir to receive APRS

When setting up a service that talks to a USB serial device, you might notice that the adapter might change from one /dev/ttyUSB[0-9]\+ to another. 99% of the time, they will take the lowest number available, but not always. This issue also shows up often when you have multiple USB serial adapters attached to your system. Thankfully, Linux (or the USB serial driver/kernel module) is smart enough to create symlinks in the /dev/serial/by-id and /dev/serial/by-path directories that point to the related /dev/ttyUSB[0-9]\+ files. I find the by-id directory to be the most helpful for what I am doing, as it is created based on the hardware ID of the device, independent of the order plugged in to the system and/or the specific USB port it is connected to.

Using these symlinks is fine and dandy until you come across a program like Xastir which has a character limit for the serial device path. Regardless of how silly this is, it's there. To fix this problem, I created a directory /serial-by-use/ and created useful symlinks to the /dev/serial/by-id symlinks. This also gave me a reason to create symlinks to the other USB serial devices, so ridiculously long ids don't need to be remembered.

(Note: The symlinks are red as the adaptors are not currently plugged into the system at the moment.)

Here is the configuration for the TNC-X in Xastir. Most of the options are still set as default.

(Elsewhere on this blog: Xastir map configs)

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