Xastir OSM map issues on Fedora 19

The Xastir package in the Fedora (19) repositories has issues with loading OpenStreetMap tiles. Specifically, the error was:

TBD: I don't think we can deal with colorspace != RGB

This thread on the Xastir mailing list lead me to believe that the issue was because the RPM in the repository is compiled using ImageMagick not GraphicsMagick. A quick recompile makes me think this is correct. While I was at it, I compiled in ax.25 kernel support and fast internet map caching (maybe these are compiled into the RPM, but when compiling from source, they do require some extra /\w\+-devel/ packages).

Also, the symlink created below is because my Xastir config file (~/.xastir/config/xastir.cnf) was written based on the RPM which uses the prefix /usr/. Generally when installing from source (and this is not an exception), the prefix is /usr/local/ as to not conflict with package manager managed installs. I didn't want to rebuild my config file.

Commands (YMMV):

Screenshot of it working (with current map settings):

EDIT: One other issue found with compiling from source.

Interface Error! Error opening interface 1 Hard Fail

Permissions with talking to the serial device. Commands above have been updated accordingly. (Fix Source)

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