SparkFun Video Captioning

After spending many hours working on captioning SparkFun According to Pete Ep. 34, I definitely have a new appreciation for the people who do this for a living. It is long and tedious work. Also, I have found that there is a delicate balance between trying to stay true to what the speaker is saying, and making readable captions; especially when the speaker says "um" (and similar) a lot.

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  1. Thanks for the work on that; it's much appreciated.

    I took an Oral History class/workshop one semester in college. One of the things I learned in the course of transcribing a lot of interview text from tape is that most people use way more interjections than we're really aware of. A good transcript does usually leave out a lot of that verbal clutter in the interests of conveying the sense of speech without breaking up its flow too much. Definitely takes some practice, though, and it never really stops being hard work. Or at least it didn't for me...