ADVFOSS - RPi Wireless Headsets


Software that allows a Raspberry Pi to act as a headless Mumble headset. Similar to headset systems used in theatre.

Libraries Needed:

  • mumble-ruby
  • opus-ruby

Upstream Repo:

  • [GitHub]
  • [RubyGems] (Coming Soon)

Hardware Needed:

  • Headset
  • RPi
  • USB battery pack
  • WiFi Card

Team Members:

  • Aaron Herting (qwertos) <aaron@herting.cc>


  • March 29 - Have a good proof of concept hacked together
  • April 5 - Have the necessary code changes pushed upstream.
    • This package will require code pushed upstream to both the 'mumble-ruby' and 'opus-ruby' gems
  • April 12 - Have Code finished
  • April 19 - Test and Document
  • April 26 - Package

[Update 20140409] - Name change


URIx-Util [Update 2]

I now have the library working on the Raspberry Pi! A new GitHub repository, called Radio-SIP, has spun up with an implementation of the library [link]. (All of the development has been happening on a different branch. I'll move things to master once the gem for URIx-Util goes live.)

When it is all set up, the topology is laid out like:

The Radio Gateway, in the above picture, is what is running the software I have written. Within this node, the software is related to itself in the following way: 

This setup was successfully demoed in class. I am planning on creating a video demonstration at some point, but it might have to wait a few weeks.

Here is a sort of cluttered image of the setup:

PS- If anyone wants the source for the diagrams above, feel free to ask for them. I was originally going to post all GraphViz sources to GitHub gists, but I don't know how useful they are to anyone else, and I don't really want to clutter my gists.

SparkFun Video Captioning [Part 3]

And another one gets pushed up. This time I decided to look in the Fedora repos for a subtitle editor. I found two, and for this one, I decided to uses gnome-subtitles. It's pretty good. It takes care of all of the formatting, the time code manipulation, etc. The key bindings aren't the best though.

[Pull Request]
[More SF Captions]

SparkFun Video Captioning [Part 2]

I just submitted a new pull request for a SparkFun video caption file. I feel this work is relatively easy, long and tedious sometimes, but easy. Definitely a positive: my typing speed is improving.