ADS-B to KML v0.1 now released


The README follows:


This is a library to make it easy to view ADS-B traffic in Google Earth.
It was originally used as part of a presentation at Imagine RIT where the data was merged with APRS traffic from aprs.fi.

Using repository code

When using the code cloned from the git repository, two basic implementations are included.
cons_fe.rb is a basic console front end that looks very similar to the interactive view of dump1090.
sin_fe.rb uses Sinatra to provide the KML file to Google Earth. This KML file gets regenerated every time the server gets a new request.
In either case, a dump1090 server must be available and serving SBS1 format data (any server providing this data should work but has only been tested with dump1090). The provided config.rb.example file can be copied to config.rb and edited to set the hostname and port number of the server providing this data.
Also, after 120 seconds (2 minutes) of not hearing any packets from a plane, the plane will be removed from the list of planes.

sin_fe.rb specific info

The plane clipart is a modified version of the image that was found here, and is in the public domain. You can set your own by changing the file public/plane_icon.png. What ever you put there, you should set the top of the image to be the front of the plane. This allows the heading to be properly viewed in Google Earth.
When sinatra is running, the "dynamic KML" can be found at the location /adsb.kml.


NOTE: This project does add some files to the module created by ruby_kml.
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