The New Dining Room Table

After watching the Swords and Stitches video where they made a table from a pallet, I decided to try my hand at making a similar table.

I acquired a pallet from work and proceeded to strip it down to its individual parts.

The pallet from work
Unfortunately, this pallet was made of rather poor wood and split if you look at it funny. Fortunately, I had saved a Halloween decoration coffin from a few years ago. The 1x4's from the coffin were a perfect replacement for the bad ones from the pallet.

1x4's from the coffin
Underside after everything
was cut to size.
After cutting the wood to size (including ripping the center most 1x4), I laid the wood out using clamps to hold the 2x4 frame together.

Clamped frame.
I screwed the top together, sanded it, and burned it. After the table top was burned enough, I put 4 coats of polyurethane on it.

After 2 of the four coats
of polyurethane
Added some legs (3/4 inch pipe, capped, attached with floor flanges), and out came a table.

Finished table!

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