DE-9 to RJ-45 Adapters

As I do more and more stuff with radios (and related), I've been needing more and more different types of serial cables and adapters. I didn't really want more cables that get tangled, and it's much easier for me to create custom length CAT-x/RJ-45 (ethernet) cables then DE-9, so I've decided to standardize all of my serial connections on a Cisco console cable. This cable is going to be considered a straight through cable (though I've read, while looking for pinouts, this might actually be considered a null modem? In any case, all the naming here is internally consistent so things work as expected). 

Adapters being used.


Thunderbird Fullscreen "Fix"

I've been running into this bug a lot recently with my Thunderbird install.

TL;DR: Thunderbird enters fullscreen mode and refuses to leave.

Below is the quick script I've been using to brute force misbehaving program back into submission.


Transmission JSON Info

I'm looking into building a Transmission Zabbix template. One of the things that I figured might help in this process is getting JSON data on the torrents on the server. The script below parses the output of transmission-remote -l and outputs the info converted to JSON.