Remmina as a RDP Broker Client

In order to do proper load balancing with RDP servers, it is necessary to use a broker in order to ensure that you are always able to connect to the server that has the user's persistent session. In addition, this allows for a single connection point for different RDP clusters. This causes a bit of a problem: How does the broker know which cluster to hand you off to? The answer is a string called "loadbalanceinfo". As this is a feature that not many people use, not many Linux clients support it. Fortunately, xfreerdp does. Unfortunately for our users and for the creation of a useful PXE boot RDP client (more on this in a future post) xfreerdp does not have a GUI interface.

Enter Remmina. Remmina is the GUI front end for libfreerdp, the backend of xfreerdp. The problem here is that Remmina doesn't expose this feature, but as it uses the same backend (and we know it works) we just have to make this available to the user. This pull request fixed that in short order. 

Note to self: Remember to check to see where programs are pulling plugins from when deving software. You could have had this PR submitted back in March.


  1. Nice post mate, keep up the great work, just shared this with my friendz Janie Rose

  2. Good news, I just actualized to Remmina 1.2 with this feature.

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