Portable Device Bags

I carry a bunch of small things in my laptop bag on a daily basis, some of which is seen below. In order to make finding them easier, I decided to make a smaller bag to keep them in. The design of this bag is based on those that come with certain microphones.

Random assortment of useful small things.
End Result
9"x16" Black linen and some sort of fleece  
One side of a black upholstery coil zipper is used. Sew between the fleece and linen, presentation side towards linen. Sew one short side and the other long side. 
Trim the seam allowance and the corner that doesn't have the zipper. Turn the bag inside out. 

Ensure the zipper end is available. Sew around the perimeter again (probably unnecessary, but *shrugs*) including the still open end (necessary).
Trim the seam allowance on the one still raw edge. Add some stitches in the center of this rectangle of fabric (probably unnecessary, but should help prevent the fleece and linen from separating if that's a worry). Fold the bag in half longways, fleece side out, and add the zipper pull. 
Zip closed about 3/4 of the way and make sure that the edges line up.
Sew the two non-zippered, non-folded edges and trim the bottom corners. Open the zipper and turn the bag inside out.
And you're done!

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  1. Hey. Beautiful work. You should start a production and sell those. I would buy one ;)